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My Journey to Becoming A Doctor

May 15, 2019 Rita Edwards 0

To cure the ailments of the people is the noblest work that one can do. This is something that I was told throughout my childhood. This sort of conversation was very normal at our dinner table. Hi, I am Richard and I am here to talk about my journey to become a doctor. I come from a medical family and every day we used to have a discussion about one or the other ailments of the body. Since I was in 4th standard, I used to go to medical camps and health camps on a regular basis and this was the beginning of my interest in medicine.

Medical School

By the time, I was in 11th standard, I had decided that I wanted to be a doctor. It is for this reason that as soon as I finished my school, I took admission in a medical school. The college was in itself, a journey for me. The college taught me the practical aspects of medicine. Up to my school, I tried to gather all the relevant information about the health issues, body ailments, cures, and medicines. I read all the books that I could find in my parents’ library and used to visit the hospitals to look at the newest technology that is being used by the doctors to treat the patients.

While I was in college, my interest and information in medicine enhanced by leaps and bounds. The medical background somewhere had already inculcated the spirit to heal the people in me and the study and curriculum at the college only added to it. Soon I graduated from the college and began practicing. My parents were already reputed doctors and therefore I decided not to remain in their shadow. I started practicing on my own and my focus was to treat the deprived and underprivileged section of the society. What really surprised me was the fact that while the upper middle class was making up an issue out of the most trivial of the bodily conditions, the weaker section of the society was struggling with the awareness about the disease.

The difference between healing and treatment

In the course of my practice, I learned something about the practice of medicine. School and college taught me how to treat patients but my practice actually taught me to heal patients. It was only after I started interacting with the patients that I figured out what it is to be a doctor. Seeing the patients rely on me completely made me realize that I have a huge chip on my shoulders. This was not something that I did not feel while I was a kid or a student. In fact, the very fact that I wanted to help people and wanted to be a helping hand in their happiness drove me to the decision and I decided to be a doctor.

However, being with my patients made me realize what it is to empathize and not just sympathize with them.