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Plastic Surgery in Western Canada: A Quest

October 24, 2019 Rita Edwards 0

Vancouver, BC in Canada is undoubtedly famous for a number of things but what attracts people from all around the world here is the quality of plastic surgery that is provided by the Great White North. If you are looking for a plastic surgery of any kind, without thinking twice fly to Canada and get yourself the treatment from the best of surgeons that too without spending much. Unlike any other country; Vancouver, Canada has a rich history of plastic surgery and the evolution of the craft here is praiseworthy. Vancouver has been a hub for plastic surgery and has been attracting patients since a very long time. You can find a wide range of surgeons in the city that could help you get a body that you have always aspired.

These blogs and informative guides on some of the most popular cosmetic and plastic surgeries procedures can be found on PlasticSpot Blog.

Some of the most popular procedures in Western Canada are non invasive procedures which enhance cosmetic appearance without surgical cuts. Botox in Calgary, Botox in Vancouver, Dermal Fillers in Calgary and Dermal Fillers in Vancouver.

Surgical procedures such as –

Breast Augmentation: Breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgery technique to increase size and shape, and alter the texture of a women’s breasts. A great blog/informative guide on breast augmentation in Calgary can be found on PlasticSpot blog section of their website.

Liposuction: Liposuction is a procedure that gets rid of suctioned fat cells permanently and is an attractive procedure for older women as their bodies age. Liposuction in Vancouver is a great blog piece to become informed about the procedure before actually going under the knife and is recommended by experts in western Canada.

Rhinoplasty: Rhinoplasty is a procedure that is gaining traction to alter the appearance of your nose. It is a procedure that is both available invasively and non invasive. If you find your in Western Canada you can get the procedure done in two cities. Rhinoplasty in Calgary and Rhinoplasty in Vancouver are great starting points in order to ensure a safe procedure.

Richard’s quest:

Richard, a 54 years old doctor has been living in Vancouver since not a very long time but is intrigued by the standard of plastic surgery that Canada has to offer to the world. Being a doctor himself, Richard has always been into healthcare and therefore possesses a considerable amount of information for the same. He uses ways such as blogs and websites to not only gain knowledge but also to provide it to other people to make lives easier.

Richard has always been particular about his demeanour and therefore has always tried to keep himself from looking older. Since he has been into research and study, he had grown a fondness for plastic surgery inside him and is considering to give it a try on himself this time. The wrinkles and eye-bags he sees on his face have started to bother him to a greater extent which has led him to take steps to get rid of them as soon as possible.

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Looking for a good plastic surgeon in Vancouver:

Richard has already started to look for options that he has on plastic surgeons and is leaving no stone unturned to get himself the best of the treatment. Websites such as PlasticSpot offer amazing insight into the best available plastic surgery Vancouver. Though a greater percentage of plastic surgeons here are very much capable of an explicit work on Richard, playing his cards safe, he wants a detailed research on the topic and gets the best for himself. He has gone through some methods that could help him find the surgeon he is looking for such as:

  • Getting yourself a healthcare advisor:

Though he is a doctor himself, Richard has still considered getting a personal advisor whom he could trust. The advisor, if you consider, should belong to a medical background and should be aware of what suits your body and what does not. Ask them to provide you with some names of plastic surgeons that would be right for you. Since the medical field is close-knit, they would be able to answer you easily.

  • Recommendations from friends and family:

Richard has been in Canada for quite a while and therefore has a good number of contacts. He has managed to get some recommendations from trusted sources in his circle along with the reviews and the things he should take care of with them.

  • Search on social media for authentic reviews:

Richard could find reviews on the websites for particular surgeons he was looking for but the originality was not promised. Therefore, going for social media turned out to be the best mode where he has been able to find some good and real reviews that he could trust.

The information that has been able to gather has made it easier for him to jot down some surgeons that could help him with the problem. Based on the reviews and other descriptions, he has ranked some and has decided to book appointments that finally figure out the doc whom he can allow to use a knife on him.


According to the research and study that he had put himself into, he has decided to get himself a blepharoplasty that mostly deals with eyelids and the eye bags that people start to get when they hit a certain age or for other medical reason. The procedure involves cutting down the excess skin and fat pads around the eyes which make you look tired and older all the time. Blepharoplasty could be used for a medical as well as a cosmetic research.

Blepharoplasty is a not so common process which should be performed by professionals only. Therefore, Richard has come up with some names that can get the job done exactly the way he wants and leave him looking young and fresh. There are some online sources that he used such as where he was able to find some listings according to reviews for top blepharoplasty experts. The sources through which the website receives the information are one hundred percent trustworthy. You can find any type of surgeon you want here and even book an appointment and research about them from just this one source.

The qualities to look for in a plastic surgeon:

Richard is not willing to cope up with the old age with his wrinkly and puffed up face. He needs to find someone who could understand what Richard is looking for and trust the doctor throughout the process. There are some qualities he specifically wants in his surgeon which will help him to go about the process in a better way.

  • For starters, the doctor should be certified by a trusted organization and a working license should be possessed by them.
  • The doctor should be experienced enough to deal with the process in a better way and could be trusted with his skills in cases of emergency or any other mishap.
  • They should provide the patient with a good quality of post-operative care. Even after the surgery is done and is declared successful, the patient would still require monitoring on a regular basis, documentation, and photos of healing and health issues if any.
  • The reviews and recommendations should come from trusted sources.

Richard has been active with the research and hunt for his plastic surgeon. The ways and methods he has implied point in the right direction.