Healthcare industry in need of urgent innovations

The industry of health care is a difficult sector for innovations, there are various challenges which makes it difficult to bring a needed change in the health sector. Difficulties, such as research and ethical standards, strict regulations, a system that is outdated. Some of these problems can be solved easily, but some issues are quite rigid. Innovators in the sector of health, are working with an aim to bring adequate improvements in the life of patients, doctors and various health companies. Every year the spending on health care is increasing, and the innovators to need their share of the grant so that they can work with financial independence. There are various reasons, why the healthcare sector needs innovations.

To reduce the time span of research

If a new drug has to be introduced into the market, the estimated time it will take is around minimum 10 years, which is a very long time. More than 60% of the time is spent in the clinical testing. If technology such as article intelligence is harness by the researchers and innovators in the health sector, use of such technology can easily reduce the time span of the research without affecting the quality of work. Pharmaceutical companies have already started testing such technologies for the research purpose of the new drug. In this way, if the time spent on research can be reduced that it will be a great thing for the health sector. The pharma companies are the major stakeholders in the health sector and if the innovations come from them, it will affect the whole health sector for the better. The reduction in time will also bring down the production cost and the selling prices will also come down, which will be a real help for the common people.

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To increase accessibility of health care in remote areas

it is always difficult to find a good health care center in remote and underdeveloped areas, to get the adequate health care one has to travel far away to nearest cities to get a medical facility and in developing countries, the health care is too expensive. Due to these reasons, many people don’t actually get the proper facilities. If the technology is used to its fullest, then the care can be reached to remote areas and at reasonable rates. If the time of research is reduced than the overall expenses are less, which will make the health sector cheaper for common people. For this, a technology should be used to improve the current process of treatment, and even the treatment period can be reduced. Some major innovations in the health sector can be seen in the pathology, but it is not enough, the researchers and innovators still need to come up with some new discoveries and improvement of the current technology are also needed, to bring down the cost and time of various medical pathology tests.


The researchers and the innovators should be encouraged to do the good work, which will help the health sector to grow and will make it reasonable and reachable for the people.